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Genuine Printer Ink Cartridges Supply

Get original HP and Canon ink cartridges for your Inkjet printer

Original HP ink cartridges ensures your printer performs consistently and deliver best performance.
Find great collection of printer Ink cartridges, enjoy Low prices and 365 days product warranty.  Compare top models before you buy .

Models we supply:
HP 680, 678, 802, 803, 704, 703.
Canon 57, 47, 810, 811, 745, 746, 740, 741.
HP 680
HP 680 (Black/Tri-Color) Original Printer Ink cartridges
HP 678
HP 678 (Black/Tri-Color) Original Inkjet cartridges
HP 802
HP 802 (Black/Tri-Color) Original  printer cartridges


HP 803
HP 803 (Black/Tri-color) Inkjet Print Cartridges


Tips To Get Tons Of Facebook Fans

Free Facebiook fan

In current trend many businesses and institutions are having a Facebook page, and become an effective way promoting products and their services.

Facebook can significantly expand your network, How?
Its bit easy, if you follow these simple tips;
Start with what your own things;
Click as much as you can “Suggest to Friends” to invite friends from your profile. The most fans you will get from this method, the most of friends that you will actually have in your relationship. Even, you may invite your e-zine and e-mail subscribers. Send your subscribers informing them of your fan page, and place a logo of Facebook in your newsletters.
Ask thos people who visit your site regularly to even visit your Facebook fan page embedding eye-catching facebook link on your website like “Fan Box widget” (displays Facebook page stream and fans) or “Live Stream widget” ( use to send comments in real time ). Load some nice videos on your Facebook page and embed them on your website or your blog.
People’s can be easily attracted with unique and interesting material. A good way to ask people to visit your Facebook page and like it is to add interesting stuff on your fan page. Make sure your fan page is unique, you may add some attractive welcome video to canvas page. You can share what your page is all about and why visitors may “Like” your page. You may try some Facebook applications which is freely available to make it more appeal more stronger. Add applications like Vpype ( A live video-streaming application where you can air Internet shows directly from your page) You may even search your preferred search engine find some custom Facebook applications to suite your Facebook page and about.
Once you done, post some interesting updates, articles and news relevant to your business on your Facebook, which will silently force visitor to comment on your profile and see them coming back automatically and comment on your profile. Its enhance your profile and send sign to more users about your existence and you will end up getting more and people.
Add a link on your profile page that will direct your visitors to your Facebook fan page. You choose to place fan page’s URL under your profile picture, “Write something about yourself” area, this way it will be easily accessible to friends who visit your page. You can also link your fan page with Twitter. Your Facebook updates will automatically get posted to your Twitter account.
Above are some from many ways of enhancing your Facebook page among most important is to keep on posting on your Facebook profile. Be active on Facebook. An active, its key to attracting more and more users.

We wish you good luck and get immediate result trying above methods!

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virgin empty inkjet cartridges.
virgin, non-virgin empty inkjet cartridges

We are specialized collecting recycle products and trade. We have 15 years striving experience into E-waste products.

We sell/buy electronically tested virgin and non-virgin empty inkjet cartridges.
We can accept challenge to supply in large volume within a stipulated time frame in needs in Empty inkjet and toner cartridges.


Empty Inkjet Cartridges

hp Empty inkjet cartridges

Empty inkjet cartridges

You may recycle empty inkjet cartridges through programs that pay cash. We support re-sellers to recycled, refilled and put them back into stores.

We required support from users to reduce the amount of landfill plastic waste from empty cartridges. Send/bring your empty inkjet cartridges to us for recycling